I'd like to personally welcome you to the Herradura Ranch website. While our trophy whitetail and upland hunting is world renowned we take just as much pride in our beautiful facilities, fine dining, comprehensive amenities and excellent service.

It is my goal to provide our guests with an unsurpassed sporting experience by providing top-notch service before,during and after the hunt. Thanks for dropping by our website and I hope to see you soon.

"The Herradura Ranch is located in LaSalle County, Texas, an area renowned for its quality and quantity of superb whitetail deer and other types of game hunting as well. The Herradura Ranch covers some 7,000 acres of distinctive South Texas brush country, including guajilla, black brush, mesquite, quayacon, sage and prickly pear. Topography on the Herradura ranges from low, rolling hills covered with brush, to creek bottoms and steep ridges accentuated with thick brush and prickly pear.

The Herradura Ranch is also known worldwide for its wing-shooting. The mourning dove hunting is exceptional, hunted over planted food plots and native vegetation, as well as evening hunting over the numerous water tanks on the Herradura. The abundant Bobwhite and Blue quail populations are maintained through our extensive irrigation systems (over 125 miles) which pumps water to our quail strips. So even in the driest of years, the quail population will be above average. Only the finest quail guides, trucks and dogs are employed to maximize your hunting experience.

Dining at the ranch is second to none. You will enjoy a variety of cuisine prepared by Five-Star chefs that have years of experience in providing only the finest dishes. Certainly, you will be pleasantly surprised with the meals at the Herradura, as they are anything but “hunting camp” fare.

Overall, it is our goal to provide our clients with a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. We want every customer to leave the Herradura with the eager anticipation of their next hunt with us.

Our motto here at the Herradura is: 'Hunt and Live Safely - Teach the Children'. We live by this motto daily. It has been our experience that there just isn’t anything more thrilling than when a young person harvests their first animal or game bird. Remember, the young people of today will be the ones to carry on where we leave off in the sport of hunting. It is our responsibility to bring them into the sport with dignity and respect for the game and even more so for the preservation of all species for generations to come."