form3Deposit and Release Information

In order to secure your hunting trip, please fill out the Release of Liability Form Here !  and mail it along with your non-refundable deposit of 50% of the hunt fee to: Herradura Ranch P.O. Box 698 Cotulla, TX 78014

Area Weather

Here are the current weather conditions at the Ranch. If you would like to view the 10 day forecast you may use the search function to the right.

Weather extremes during hunting season average from lows in the 40s to highs in the 60s. While temperatures can occasionally dip below freezing, moderate weather conditions are expected during the winter months.

October tends to average the most rainfall (3.15″) and November, December, January and February are usually the driest averaging around 1″.

Where We’re Located


The Herradura Ranch is located in LaSalle County, Texas, an area renowned for its quality and quantity of superb whitetail deer and other types of game hunting as well. The Ranch is part of the famed Golden Triangle, which is renowned for it’s trophy whitetail deer hunting.

The Ranch is 28 miles southeast of Cotulla north of the Nueces river on highway 624 and can be reached via three airports in the region:

San Antonio
Corpus Christi

You may rent a vehicle at the airport to travel to the Ranch, or pickup arrangements may be provided by the Ranch for a fee (Group pickup from San Antonio for $250).

What to Bring

  • Texas Hunting License
  • Hunter Education Card (if required, for details see
    the TPWD page)
  • Hunting Clothes
  • Be prepared for weather from 20 to 65 degrees
  • Hunter orange for quail hunting
  • Rain Gear
  • Camera
  • Rifle/Shotgun and ammo