The Ranch


About The Ranch

Located in La Salle County, Texas the Herradura Ranch has long been regarded as one of the finest South Texas white-tailed deer hunting operations in the state.  Offering outstanding hunting opportunities for sportsman and women, and youth hunters for over two decades, the beautiful 7,000 acre property is dedicated to trophy management of white-tailed deer and nutritional programs for both big game and upland bird populations.

About the Golden Triangle

Renowned for its ruggedly beautiful terrain and bountiful wild game, the Golden Triangle of South Texas is by far the Lone Star State’s premiere destination for extraordinary White-Tailed Deer hunting – as well as Rio Grande Turkey, Mourning Dove, White-Winged Dove, Bobwhite Quail and Blue Scaled Quail.  With the ranch’s vegetation consisting of mesquite, acacia, black brush, guajillo, guayacan and prickly pear, the natural brush country also offers numerous forbs and grasses – all contributing to superior antler growth and providing important  foraging and brood habitat for indigenous bird populations.